iPhone price in Big Billion Day 2023


Big Billion Day 2023

What are big billion days?

Big Billion Days is a great e-commerce sale which is held by Flipkart every year. We can see huge price drops in various products during this sale. This sale has become famous due to the price drop on iPhones during this sale. Many people want to purchase an iPhone but due to the high price they won’t, This sale is a great opportunity for such people to buy it.

You may heard of the Black Friday sale in the United States, Big Billion Day is the same but it’s an online sale. This sale attracts millions of consumers seeking to score significant savings. It is like a festival for the public who likes shopping.

Big billion day

The lowest iPhone price will be

As Big Billion Day 2023 approaches, everyone is excited that “What will be the iPhone prices during this mega shopping event?” In this article, we’ll delve into what you can expect prices of iPhone. This event is known for the massive discounts on various products but people are more interested in buying iPhones during this sale. As we have seen in the last multiple big billion day sales iPhone prices have dropped tremendously. Unit is getting sold within fractions of a second of sales start.

As iPhone is launching its new iPhone 15 series in a couple of weeks we can see a huge price drop in the iPhone 13 and 14 series. You can combine this price drop with an exchange facility and credit card/Debit card offer and you can own an iPhone at a very low cost.

iPhone 12Rs 35000
iPhone 13Rs 43000 – Rs 45000
iPhone 14Rs 48000 – Rs 50000
iPhone 14 PlusRs 58000 – Rs 60000
iPhone 14 Proless than 1 lakh
These are expected prices and not the real price. These price has been calculated according to past big billion days’ sale.

iphone price

How to book an iPhone in this sale

This is the most crucial part where most of the people missed their chances to purchase the iPhone in this sale. Here are some points that you should consider while buying an iPhone in the sale

  • Try to use a laptop/desktop to buy rather than a Mobile application, as refreshing on the web is more efficient than an app which can create more chances of owning the iPhone.
  • You should have an Amazon Prime or Flipkart Plus membership so that you can get early access to this sale.
  • The address should be already present in the account, if not please add it before the sale.
  • A credit card/Debit card should be added to the account so that you will have a chance to purchase the phone.

when and where

Big Billion Day sale is on Flipkart but at the same time, you can see the Amazon great sale on Amazon.
We are expecting the sale to go live at the end of September or the first week of October. We will update once official dates are announced. You can visit their official page for more details.

iphone price in big billion days