Teen in Bottle-Tasting Video Became Mummy’s Boy & Sabo His Friend All of a Sudden

Now and then, we have to remind people not to be stupid.

So we’re bringing back the two ‘how to spread Wuhan’ teens.

Image: Twitter

Or in case you’ve already forgotten who they are since you don’t need reminders on why you shouldn’t do dumb shit, here’s a recap:

On February 2020, a video showing a teen drinking bottled juice from NTUC before placing it back on the shelf with the caption “how to spread Wuhan” went viral Nigel Pang Yew Ming is the one shown drinking. Quek Xuan Zhi is the one filming. Both are 17. They apologised and said they already paid for the drinks But adults don’t play play, so NTUC didn’t accept the apology and the SPF started looking for them On April 2020, they went to court. The judge declined the request to protect their identity. But everybody already knew who they were.

Now, back to the present. You’ll need to be reminded that Quek (filmer) had a lawyer representing him, while Pang (drinker) didn’t.


Pang became a mummy’s boy and his mother is beside him in court.

We’re not even sure why this case took so long when it seems obvious

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