10 Indian Nationals Charged for Gathering in a Rented House; Said They Didn’t Know the Rules

Hi, this is your daily reminder to stay at home because it’s a Circuit Breaker rule.

Are we good? Alright, see you next article.

But seriously, unless you’re living under a rock, you darn well know that it’s not allowed to visit another home during Circuit Breaker.

With the exception of sending me free GrabFood, I won’t complain about that. 

Still, it seems that there are a select few who just aren’t aware.

A Gathering of 10…in a House

10 Indian nationals were charged on today for gathering at a residential unit despite not living in the same house.

All of them were between age 20 to 33.

You aren’t even supposed to meet one, let alone 9 other people. Any potential virus must’ve been like:

Image: imgflip

Avinash Kaur, 27, Navdeep Singh, 20 and Sajandeep Singh, 21 were all charged individually for letting seven others their residence at 34A Kim Keat Road.

While Avinash had only one charge, the other two had three charges for each person they let in.

However, the trio did claim that there were no malicious practices, and it was just to have a casual social gathering.

It’s still illegal, guys.

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