Covid-19 circuit breaker: Everything you need to know about the shops and services that are open in April

Life will look very different in April 2020. And the rest of the year could depend on how each of us play our part in this month-long Covid-19 circuit breaker effort to curb and contain the coronavirus. From 7 April to 4 May, stricter measures will be in place for safe-distancing, and all workplaces except those providing essential services will shutter. What does that look like? How will you be affected? Read on for all the answers to your questions.

Can I leave the house?

We’re not on total lockdown, so yes, you can. But we urge you to stay home and only head out for necessities or urgent needs. Hit pause on social interactions (or take your gatherings online) and limit your physical contact to the family members or people you live with. In desperate need of fresh air? Outdoor exercise is okay, but don’t mingle with crowds and keep tabs on the Safe Distance @ Parks website by NParks to find out which green spaces near your home are the quietest in real-time. Going to the mall for groceries or essentials? Visit SpaceOut to see where the crowds are, so you can leave home during off-peak hours.

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