‘Farewell’ and ‘last hurrah’ parties at clubs slammed by public

Nightclubs hoping to host “last hurrah” and “farewell” parties yesterday were hit by instant public backlash, not to mention stern disapproval from the authorities.

The proposals for such parties come in the wake of Tuesday’s announcement that all entertainment venues, including bars, nightclubs and discos, must be closed from 11.59pm tonight to help stem the spread of Covid-19.

Some establishments urged clubbers to come out for “one last bash” before the closures.

Cherry Discotheque at Cecil Street posted details of such a party on social media, with a number to call for “sofa reservations and public backlash”.

Others, like Club Lux at Orchard Plaza, decided on a two-day event with special promotions and performances, inviting clubbers to drink with them at “the last supper” before the shutdown.

It did not go down well, with netizens slamming the clubs, calling them irresponsible.


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