10 Free Forms Of Entertainment You Can Do At Home

To minimize the further spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has implemented some social restrictions. This includes social distancing measures such as the closure of entertainment venues (e.g., bars or cinemas), suspension of religious services, and closure of enrichment centers. Organized tours in public venues such as sightseeing or guided walking tours will also be suspended. All these will take effect from March 26, 2020.

With the closure of various entertainment venues and other establishments, how can you efficiently pass time without spending too much? Well, you can look thru this list and employ what you fancy.


Channel your inner Marie Kondo by de-cluttering your home. Categorize your items based on its usefulness or its personal value. Find things that are important to you or your family. Keep these items as neatly as possible. For the rest of your items, you can either junk or donate them. It is cathartic to go through your belongings and to see how neat your area has become.


This is the perfect time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. An ancient practice that has been known

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