Ma Bo Lor Mee: Famous Delicious $2.50 Lor Mee & Fried Fish + Mouth-Watering Laksa In Chinatown

Ma Bo Lor Mee 19

Situated at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Ma Bo Lor Mee whips up bowls of lor mee and laksa on a daily basis. With a prominent sign displaying its affordable prices, it’s no surprise to see long queues forming at this quaint little hawker stall on the second floor. 

Ma Bo Lor Mee 4

What makes this so special and different from other lor mee I’ve tried? The fried fish. A cheeky twist on the popular Chinese-inspired Indonesian and Malaysian noodle dish, Ma Bo Lor Mee tops their dishes off with crispy battered fried fish fillets. 

Ma Bo Lor Mee 3

Apart from lor mee, Ma Bo Lor Mee also serves traditional laksa with their signature fried fish. Watching as the dishes were being prepared, I could not contain my eagerness to try the food before me. 

Ma Bo Lor Mee 7

The standard Ma Bo Lor Mee (S$2.50) came with a single fish fillet, thick yellow noodles, fish cakes, half an egg and braised pork. Extremely fragrant, it looked exceptionally appetising and I was ready to dig in.

Ma Bo Lor Mee 10

Mixed well in the dark, gooey sauce, the noodles were springy and chewy. Viscous with a starchy gooey consistency, the sauce was immensely satisfying with a hint of sweetness among the saltiness. From the

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