Food Review: Hakumai Sushi And Omakase At International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar | Affordable Premium Japanese Sets

The Place Positioning itself as an affordable restaurant for premium Japanese sushi and sashimi, Hakumai Sushi and Omakase is the brainchild of long-time Chef-Owner Gary Ng whom had previously worked at Singapore’s first sushi restaurant Nogawa. Unpretentious, the space at Hakumai is basic, with a sushi counter seating at the entrance, and additional tables at the back for the more private diners.

The restaurant, which has been opened since 2013, is located at the far back of International Plaza. The no-frills vibe of the restaurant is made more pronounced by being located just next to humble local coffee stands and modest economic rice stalls.

The Food While branding itself as affordable, Hakumai does not discount itself from being an authentic Japanese restaurant. With omakase starting from just S$78.80 for a 8 piece premium sushi set, this might just be amongst the most budget Japanese omakase you can find in Singapore. Yet a quick search online, you will see relatively positive reviews of the omakase meals at Hakumai.

Since I visited Hakumai during lunch hours, I was not really in the mood for omakase and went straight for the set meals. Picked the Sushi Soba Gozen (S$29.80)

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