Rare pink manta ray spotted by photographer at Great Barrier Reef


Photos of a pink manta ray seen at the Great Barrier Reef were shared in January by photographer, Kristian Laine, and have gone viral.

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According to National Geographic, the pink male manta ray, which is over 3 metres long, is seen near Lady Elliot Island, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef.

In a Facebook post by Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, the pink manta ray was captured on video.

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The pink colour of the manta ray is not common and has left scientists puzzled since the first sighting in 2015.

According to a post by an Australian government agency, CSIRO explained that it is a rare sighting to see the pink manta ray.

They explained why the manta ray was pink:

“It was first spotted in 2015 by dive instructor Ryan Jeffery and initially perplexed scientists, who believed its pink belly may have been from a skin infection.

The University of Queensland’s Project Manta, which is studying the animal, says “the colouration is just an unusual and

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