Kushikatsu Daruma OSAKA – Must-Try Kushikatsu Joint In Dotonbori, For Inexpensive Crispy Deep-Fried Skewers

[Osaka] If you are looking for the best kushikatsu in Dotonbori, look no further than Daruma located north of Namba station.

Considered an Osaka specialty, kushikatsu 串カツ (also known as also known as kushiage 串揚げ) are deep-fried breaded food such as meat and vegetables on skewers. (“Kushi” refers to the skewers used, while “katsu” means a deep-fried cutlet of meat.

Kushikatsu Daruma has a history since 1929, and you would see shops peppered around Osaka. The other prominent place to find this is at Shinsekai near Tennoji Zoo.

To spot the restaurant, look out for the mascot of an angry-looking man holding kushikatsu skewers in the shape of an “X”. That refers to strict rule “no double-dipping” of the skewer into the sauce.

This non-smoking restaurant can accommodate up to 96 persons, ie 24 seats at the counter, 50 seats at the tables, and 20 seats at the floor. Prepare to spend around ¥1,500 – ¥2,500 for a meal. Credit cards are accepted.

Batter, their original sauce, and fresh-tasting good oil form the trinity of taste at Kushikatsu Daruma.

What makes their kushikatsu special is their use of oils from prawn heads to

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