Try Fresh XO Seafood Noodles – Seafood Noodles With a Boozy Twist!

You wouldn’t have guessed it, but tucked away in an obscure coffee shop in Golden Sultan Plaza is a stall serving up a unique take on seafood noodles! What makes Try Fresh XO Seafood Noodles unique is their chewy Beehoon which is imported from Malaysia. Unlike conventional noodles which tend to get soggy, these noodles remain nice and springy even after a long time!

Try Fresh XO Seafood Noodles offers both soup and dry noodle dishes, so I decided to get one of each! I ordered the XO Seafood Beehoon Soup and the Salted Egg Seafood Beehoon (both $8.90), which are both among the stalls top sellers.

Try Fresh XO Seafood Soup_Portrait
Try Fresh XO Soup Beehoon_Portrait

First up, I tried the XO Seafood Beehoon Soup. I am usually wary of dishes that have alcohol added to them, as the alcohol often overpowers everything else in the dish. To my surprise, the alcoholic taste in this seafood soup was not overpowering at all! What you taste instead is the natural sweetness of the seafood stock, with the alcohol providing a nice depth of flavour and warmth in the background.

Try Fresh XO Soup ingredients_Portrait

The dish comes with an ample serving of fresh seafood such as prawns, clams, squid, scallops and cuttlefish. Each

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