So France: Impressive Casual French Dishes Like Savoury Poached Eggs & Sarrade Duck Breast At Duo Galleria

“It’s hard to say which French restaurant I like, because Singapore has so few really good ones,” I replied, when my host asked where my favourite French spot in our tropical urban island is. “But this place has to be one of my favourites so far!”, I quickly added, to which her eyes lit up in excitement.

So France 12So France 11

So France isn’t exactly a spankin‘ brand new casual French restaurant at Duo Galleria, but it has given itself a make-over that now sees homely, humble dishes on its refreshed menu.

When I went there on a weekday evening, the place was lively for mid-week dinner service, and the decor was in thematic red, white, and blue—just like the French flag.

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The best part is the épicerie (grocer’s shop) attached to the restaurant, highlighting the best of French food brands, from dairy goods, to snacks, to cold cuts, to French wines. Before dinner, I headed straight to one of the fridges where they stock the highly-regarded and sought-after Bordier butter.

I purchased a block of the Smoked Salt variety and a baguette, which I requested to be kept aside for me while I went ahead to enjoy my French feast.

So France

The most common

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