Peek into Orchard Road’s past with our guide to the history and heritage of Emerald Hill

Just across the sleek, modern structure of Orchard Gateway, Emerald Hill beckons with low rise heritage houses painted in delightful hues. This street sits quietly in the midst of the malls and traffic of Orchard Road, as a carefully restored piece of the area’s past. Since moving into our Somerset office, us at Honeycombers have been wanting to explore this entire stretch; and one fine morning, we did just that.

Strolling along the beautifully serene and heritage-rich hill full of Peranakan establishments, it took much will not to overstay our welcome. We’re pretty sure the residents of this area are used to curious tourists and locals gawking at their abodes, but we tried to keep our exploration as quick and low-key as possible. Keep scrolling for gorgeous houses and historical tidbits…

From orchard to houses Emerald Hill shophousesCan’t stop our obsession with capturing heritage shophouses. Photography: Amelia Ang

Emerald Hill used to be a nutmeg and fruit orchard, established by the acting Postmaster General William Cuppage in 1837, before being bought over by businessmen Seah Eng and Seah Boon Kang in 1900. From there, small pieces of the land were sold to new owners who went on to build the terrace houses and

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