Monte Risaia: Affordable S$68++ Japanese-Italian Omakase Tucked Away At Duxton Rd

There is no denying how much we love Japanese food—turn a corner and a new sushi chain has landed on our shores. Likewise, it’s always pasta and pizza for the win whenever dinner rolls around.

What can I say, Italian and Japanese cuisine has clearly won our hearts, so it’s kismet when you find a restaurant serves both Italian and Japanese cuisine.

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Monte Risaia situated along the trendy streets of Duxton aims to do just that. Helmed by Chef Tazio Yamada, Monte Risaia serves Japanese-inspired Italian cuisine that is meticulously prepared with premium and seasonal Japanese ingredients.

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Credit – Monte Risaia

Just like its sleek black exterior, the inside of Monte Risaia features a modern yet cosy 12-seater counter where you can watch Chef Yamada and team deftly execute each dish.

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Chef Yamada is not your typical Japanese chef. His affection for all things started Italian started early on as a kitchen helper at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo Shibuya town. After a four-year stint, Chef Yamada joined Aponte Italian restaurant in Ebisu town as a junior cook. Slowly but surely, he worked his way up to Head Chef and on to the next challenge: opening a restaurant in Singapore.

Besides specialising in Japanese

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