McDonald’s SG Brings Back McGriddles + Chocolate Pie & More From 17 Feb

Remember when McDonald’s Singapore took the world by storm when they first launched their legendary breakfast item that had the best of both worlds? Well, we’re in luck because the famous McGriddles is back, and it’s now available at all times of the day starting 17 February 2020!

Mcgriddles Online

Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Mcgriddles Online (1)

Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If you didn’t manage to try it before, this burger features the signature McDonald’s chicken sausage patty sandwiched between two thick maple-flavoured griddle cakes, combining sweet and savoury to create an explosion of flavours with every bite. Besides the Sausage McGriddles (S$4.50 a la carte, S$5.10 as Extra Value Meal), the Sausage McGriddles With Egg (S$5.40 a la carte, S$6.00 as Extra Value Meal) has also made a comeback.

Mcgriddles Online (2)

Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

We’re really in for a treat this time because they’ve also launched a new item—the McGriddles Stack (S$6.20 a la carte, S$7.10 as Extra Value Meal). As the name suggests, they’ve doubled up on the chicken sausage patty, paired with melted cheese, a sunny-side-up egg and crispy bacon, all packed between two griddle cakes.

All three of these items are available at all McDonald’s restaurants, via McDelivery and Grabfood, throughout the day!

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