Eat well, live healthy: How to meal prep for all types of diets with nutritious ingredients from Cold Storage

We all know the benefits of nutritious eating habits, but sometimes, it’s difficult to find a healthy, pocket-friendly meal during a busy workday or a hectic weekend. That’s why we love the idea of meal prepping – it’s essentially preparing your meals (and even snacks) ahead of time so that you can keep it all in the fridge and bring it to the office each day. For affordable, fresh and accessible meal prep ingredients, we’re lovin’ the groceries from Cold Storage’s extensive health and wellness range.

Wanna eat well and live healthy? For busy mornings and office lunches that you can grab and go, here’s what to snag for your meal prep…

Gym buff: High protein, low carb diet

Can’t miss a workout sesh and the protein-loading that comes after? Whether you’re an aspiring personal trainer, a fitness model or an exercise enthusiast obsessed with keeping fit, we know you’re always on the lookout for a good high-protein, low-carb meal. Begin your morning with a fruit and protein smoothie by blending a serving of Crop’s frozen mixed berries and a scoop of Bob’s Red Mill pea whey protein powder.

Midday meals are where you can have your dose of chicken

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