10 Local Desserts That Singaporeans Simply Love & Adore

As a Singaporean, I’m proud of our culture, our traditions and more importantly, our food. The local F&B scene has done an impeccable job in promoting iconic hawker dishes but when it comes to local desserts, it has somehow taken a back seat blending into the backdrop of our ever-buzzing and vibrant food scene.

Comparing to Instagram-worthy, over-the-top new-age desserts (which I very much appreciate from time to time), as an ’80s baby, I prefer soaking in the sense of nostalgia evoked by traditional local desserts. A bowl of green bean soup, icy cold cheng tng, and a mountain of ice kachang; these desserts have followed me since I was young, and until today, I often crave them just for comfort and familiarity. 

As an attempt to shine some spotlight and give our local desserts their well-deserved attention, here are 10 local desserts that we, Singaporeans, absolutely love!

1. Tau Huey

Originated from China, tau huey or soya beancurd is a pudding made from semi-solidified soya bean milk. Traditionally, it can be consumed hot or cold and is served with sugar syrup.

Local Desserts 2

For a good bowl of tau huey that is smooth and silky, head to Selegie Soya Bean. Not only

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