The Better Half – Mesmerising Cakes That Taste Better Than They Look!


Jonathan bakes, while Hweeying decorates. Because of some circumstances, these two first started selling their bakes online. Then, they managed to find a space that fits their needs, and that’s how they finally got to open a physical store.

The cafe is a quaint little shop with just two tables and a few seats. You’re also able to dine al fresco as well.


Just look at how pretty everything is? Like perfecting the “natural” look through make up, there is an art in decorating something so simply, but still making it look like a page out of a magazine.


Out of all of the bakes, these Pistachio Chocolate cakes ($8) caught my attention the most. The cape gooseberries (aka physalis) on top brought about a whimsical foresty look that I adored. And, if I may nerd out for a moment, they also kind of looked like golden snitches.

The pistachio cake base, which was incredibly crumbly and moist, was generously studded with crushed pistachios. As someone who is a fan of pistachios, I loved that I could still taste the sweet nuttiness of pistachio in the cake. The top of the cake was frosted with a rich

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