Flexisnug: The sustainable furniture rental platform you need to know about

Home rentals are commonplace, and we think it’s time for furniture rentals to become mainstream too – if not for the freedom to switch up our interior styles (sans the commitment or high costs), then for the positive contribution to the sustainability movement. Yes, we’re talking about less furniture ending up in landfills, and more being reused to their full potential!

Curating top-notch furniture in collaboration with the much-loved interior brand, Soul & Tables, Flexisnug brings you affordable furniture rental pieces with sustainability in mind. Think temporary furniture won’t come in handy for you? Think again…

Short-term loves Photography: FlexisnugPhotography: Flexisnug

For expats and students who are here for non-permanent stays, Flexisnug has hassle-free rental furniture for your home away from home. Renting instead of buying not only keeps your costs down; it also means less furniture going to waste when you eventually move.

Now, life doesn’t always go as planned, but if your plans change, fret not: Flexisnug allows you to extend, renew or shorten your furniture lease with no penalty fees and minimal paperwork. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re settling into life in a whole new country!

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