Experience A Blast From The Past With “Coke Zone” The World’s First In-Theatre Coke Cafe In JB

As one of the largest soft-drink moguls in the world, Coca-Cola has definitely captured the hearts of many with its latest creation—Strawberry Coca-Cola. Moving in a completely different direction of innovation, the world’s first in-theatre Coca-Cola Cafe, Coke Zone, has opened in Johor Bahru, and it looks sick!

Coke Cafe Online


This cafe is inspired by 90’s-style American diners, reminiscent of its classic black-and-white checkered tiles and a countertop bar. To add their own special touch, the whole cafe is decked out with furniture in a signature bright red shade that screams Coke.

From the furnishings to the lights and even a jukebox, this retro decor will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the past. 

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Besides Coke, this cafe serves popcorn, other snacks like chips and chocolate, and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for just RM6.90 per scoop. There is also high-speed WiFi available here, as well as multiple charging ports for you to use and abuse while waiting for your movie.

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The cafe is located within the TGV Toppen Cinema Complex, which can be accessed from the mall. It’s the perfect place for you to relax in before your movie starts, or just for a quick

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