Christian Dior’s Bar jacket history: The evolution of a fashion icon, and how New Look is still relevant today

The Bar jacket was the star of the New Look by Monsieur Christian Dior. The year was 1947. During Marc Bohan’s over 30-year tenure at Dior, he worked to preserve and strengthen the heritage of the house. This look, from the spring/summer 1987 collection, was an homage to the original, from the straw hat to the sprig of lily of the valley. Gianfranco Ferre took over the house of Dior from 1989 to 1996. His understanding of haute couture led to some of the most breathtaking works in the house’s archive. In spring/summer 1991, the New Look is reimagined in a modern form. John Galliano’s tribute to the New Look from his haute couture collection in autumn/winter 2009 seemed as much a callback to Gianfranco Ferre’s innovation in 1991 as it was to the house’s codes. Christian Dior haute couture spring/summer 2010, designed by John Galliano. A late-stage innovation of the New Look, which saw the Bar jacket’s strict tailoring balanced with more effervescent colours and embroideries. When Galliano was appointed to Dior in 1996, his mission was to return the brand to the forefront of fashion and to make it cutting edge. ThisRead full content from News Buro 24/7

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