KFC’s New Kentaco Features A Fried Chicken Shell That’s Perfect For Meat Lovers

KFC KentacoNew Kentaco at KFC Singapore

KFC Kentaco - fried chicken

Although fried chicken is an evergreen classic, KFC has proven over the years that there are new and tasty ways to eat it—be it in the form of the super sinful Double Down or the ultra savoury Chizza. This year, they’re scoring a hat trick with the new Kentaco.

Available in most KFC stores for a limited period of time, the Kentaco features a slab of fried chicken that is folded into the shape of a taco shell, and stuffed with refreshing greens and shredded cheese before being drenched in heavenly cheese sauce.

Fortunately, we were one of the first few in Singapore to get our hands on this unique menu item.

KFC Kentaco Fried Chicken

As we removed the Kentaco from its packaging, we immediately noticed its heft. Despite being contorted, the chicken was still thick and could support the weight of the fillings without breaking apart. That being said, putting the Kentaco on a plate immediately caused it to flatten—so you’ll definitely wanna hold onto the meat or use the box it is served in as a support at all times.

KFC Kentaco - taco fried chicken

Gingerly arranged within the fried chicken shell were shaved iceberg lettuce and diced

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