JLD Dragon Singapore (吉龙糖) – Taste Taiwanese Bubble Tea With Kokuto

Taiwan’s highly anticipated Bubble Tea Chain JLD Dragon Singapore (吉龙糖) officially launched in the Little Red Dot on 6 February 2020 at Waterway Point and The Star Vista. Their 3rd store will be opening at Centrepoint Orchard in April 2020. Named after the Chinese auspicious dragon symbol, the culture of tea drinking and Taiwan’s traditional sugar production, JLD Dragon is the only industry player that uses 1646 Traditional Okinawa Brown Sugar, otherwise known as Kokuto.

JLD Dragon Singapore – Why Kokuto?

On the decision to incorporate this novel ingredient, Sophia Lai, spokesperson of JLD Dragon says, “Kokuto delivers a complex, yet sweet caramel flavour as a result of how it’s made. Produced by Okinawans since the 17th century, the process requires slowly cooking down pure sugarcane juice. Touted as the world’s healthiest sugar, Kokuto is an all-natural product that contains high levels of calcium, iron, and vitamin B.”

Putting a twist on the conventional method of combining ready-made brown sugar syrup with pearls, JLD Dragon caramelises its brown sugar in-house, transforming it from finely milled grains to thick, golden nectar where pearls are then infused, slow-cooked and glazed, resulting in chewy, aromatic pearl-fection. Specially selected

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