Ice Cream Frenzy: Salted Egg Fish Skin Caramel Gelato & Other Unique Flavours Created By Innovative 73-Year-Old Shop Owner At West Coast

Ice Cream Frenzy Singapore

Hidden between rows of neighbourhood shophouses at West Coast, this nondescript cosy little cafe might easily go unnoticed. I’d tell you to never judge a book by its cover though, because Ice Cream Frenzy is a place full of surprises, just waiting to be discovered. 

Ice Cream Frenzy Singapore 2

Illuminated by dim yellow lights, this gelato cafe is furnished with mismatched sets of tables and chairs, with teddy bears and bright house plants taking up residence too. I was greeted by the jovial and welcoming smile of the 73-year-old shop owner, Uncle Tom, as I walked in. 

When I asked Uncle Tom about how he decided on the store design, he simply explained that he wanted a snug, inviting environment for customers to feel like they’re at home while enjoying his home-made gelato. 

Uncle Tom might be 73, but don’t let his age fool you! Having opened its doors to the public in 2009, this 11-year-old shop had been single-handedly managed by Uncle Tom since his retirement. Formerly a teacher, he uses chalkboards to display his wide menu, and little colour-coded post-it notes to differentiate the various gelato flavours and their respective prices—a rather whimsical touch if you ask me.

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