Canteen Bistro – Hidden Restaurant In SMU Serving $8 Omurice With Crispy Chicken, Opens Till 1AM

Lucky uni students. There seems to be a number of new cafés and kiosks opening up at SMU Boyle’s Coffee x Love Bites, Onalu which focuses on Acai bowls, and Canteen Bistro.

On the west side of things, NTU has Connect 71; while NUS has SG Maxx Coffee which also opened up within their campuses.

Canteen Bistro is a casual western styled restaurant right in the heart of the university.

Besides a simple lunch menu, the restaurant is also a pub at night which opens until 1am.

Great for students who looking for a place to chill and need a break from all those projects and tutorials.

I visited Canteen Bistro during lunch where they had a limited lunch menu.

The dinner menu has more variety featuring items such as the Pulled Pork Burger ($16), Fish & Chips ($13) and Creamy Salmon Linguine ($15).

The Lunch Menu is basically an Omurice as a base, with a choice of main such as crispy chicken, crispy fish, meatball, mushroom or beef stroganoff. Also offered is a soup of the day.

You can also choose from either cream, marinara or demi-glace sauce to

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