7 Places For Flat Iron Steaks In Singapore Under $30 For A Cheap Yet Filling Meal

Flat iron steaks in Singapore

Despite being a self professed lover of all the best steaks, I only recently discovered the existence of flat iron steaks, following my visit to the Flat Iron restaurant in London. It has since been my cut of choice at numerous steakhouses, due to its rich flavour and affordable price point. The flat iron cut stems from the cow’s shoulder and possesses a wonderful degree of marbling. After being cooked on the grill, the steak becomes extremely tender and flavourful.

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You no longer need to be boujee to get a taste of mouth watering steak. The flat iron steaks on this list will surely give you the best bang for your buck, and your tummy.

1. The Feather Blade

A highly raved restaurant that is nestled along a stretch of vibrant shophouses on hip Club Street, The Feather Blade dishes out quality flat iron steaks at an affordable price. The Feather Blade Steak ($21++) features 200g of flat iron steak, and is their prized cut of beef.

Even though the steak is only seasoned with salt and pepper,

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