Journey through the Silk Road with a nod to Khaziskhan influences and familiar Southeast Asian flavours at The Nomads

We thought we’d already sunk our teeth into the Silk Road when we recently embarked on an immersive journey with a certain tiny chef some time back. But we were in for yet another treat at The Nomads. Located right along the bustling Telok Ayer Street, inside Bee’s Island Drinkery, this speakeasy-style restaurant reimagines the Silk Road journey from Southern Italy to Western China, with nuances of familiar Southeast Asian flavours.

As we stepped in, we were floored by the interior and attention to detail at this petite 20-seater restaurant. You’re greeted by a wall of porcelain vessels, an ancient Chinese chess board sits majestically at the side of the shared table, and all the cutlery looks like it was shipped straight from Western China. There’s also a secret room (more on this later)…

The Nomads | New restaurant in SingaporePhotography: Nicole Nithiyah

Park yourself in the middle of the stylish omakase-style dining area where you can enjoy smells from the custom binchotan grill, and watch in awe as the chefs put final touches to your dishes.

Another crucial part of the menu is the addition of Kazakhstan flavours, a result of executive chef Dannel Krishnan and co-founder Shawn Kishore’s exciting trip to the country. “We were

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