6 Affordable Dining Spots To Treat Your Valentine At Orchard Central

They say the way to your partner’s heart is through their stomachs, so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than with a feast fit for royalty?

Those of us who can afford it will surely want to treat our loved ones to a sumptuous spread. But if you’re on a slightly smaller budget, don’t fret—it doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t enjoy a scrumptious meal.

New Orchard Central Valentine's Day 2020 Grain Alley 2

Here’s our pick of six affordable dining spots for you and your beau to have a romantic meal, all within Orchard Central!

1. Grain Alley Orchard Central Valentine's Day 2020 Grain Alley 1

Those of you who enjoy sharing food, Grain Alley is a communal dining concept with small plates for sharing. Newly-opened in January 2020, the Mediterranean-inspired café-bar serves up mostly proteins to accompany interesting carb combinations.


One of aspects I really liked about Grain Alley is the couple seating, which features a street-facing couch and table instead of chairs facing each other. The perfect opportunity to snuggle up to your beau and people-watch!

We tried a number of dishes at Grain Alley, including tipples from their A to Z (literally) cocktail menu.

Orchard Central Valentine's Day 2020 Grain Alley 3

Starting with soups, we tried the Creamy Mushroom Soup (S$8) and the Premium Oxtail Soup (S$9). Both

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