Wander Down The Rabbit Hole At This Alice In Wonderland-Themed Restaurant In Osaka, Japan

Alice In Fantasy Land is a Wonderland-themed buffet restaurant that has been around in Osaka, Japan for at least a few years. If you’re interested in a fantasy experience, look no further because we’ve found it for you. 

Alice In Fantasy Land Feb 2020 Online 4


The entrance resembles a speakeasy—at first glance, it looks like a door to a secret room. This restaurant really took a page out of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! 

Alice In Fantasy Land Feb 2020 Online 2


The interior is absolutely beautiful, lined with giant playing cards to represent the Queen of Hearts’ castle. If you’re looking for somewhere to release your inner Queen of Hearts and yell, “Off with her head!”, this will be perfect for you. 

Alice In Fantasy Land Feb 2020 Online 3


There are also semi-private booths with different themes available, so you can enjoy a more intimate setting with your partner or your group of friends.

Alice In Fantasy Land Feb 2020 Online 6


Moving on to the food, Alice In Fantasy Land has launched a new all-you-can-eat Strawberry Fantasy Buffet only available from 2 February – 29 April 2020. Since it’s strawberry-themed, the colours of the food follow a soft palette, giving off sweet and romantic vibes—perfect for a Valentine’s Day date! 

Alice In Fantasy Land Feb 2020 Online 7


One of the dishes available during this special buffet is the

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