Hong Seng Curry Rice – Hurry Hurry! Get Some Great Curry!

I used to think that Hainanese Curry Rice was just a fancier version of Cai Fan. After all, can’t you get curry sauce at your standard Cai Fan store as well? However, I could not have been more wrong about that. Hong Seng Curry Rice has really shown me that Curry Rice is so much more than just cooked items haphazardly put over some rice and curry!

Hong Seng Storefront

Located at Redhill Market and Food Centre, Hong Seng Curry Rice has been operating since 1995! The store offers over 20 dishes, which are prepared fresh every day. It was my first time eating at Hong Seng Curry Rice, so I decided to stick to the classics. I got the Hainanese Pork Chop ($1 per piece), Dong Po Pork ($2.50 per piece), Braised Cabbage ($0.7 per portion) and a Fried Egg ($0.7 per piece, bringing my total, with rice, to $5.40. I would say that is pretty good value for money, considering I ordered two portions of meat!

Hong Seng Currypour_Portrait
Hong Seng Pork Chop_Portrait
Hong Seng Lor Bak_Portrait

As the name implies, the curry sauce is the most important part of curry rice! The blend of spices used in Hong Seng’s curry provides a nice warmth and fragrance without being too

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