Fiji Food Galore – Must Try Local Dishes When You Visit Fiji

Fiji has a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the South Pacific nations, with a population that consists of ethnic Fijians, Indians, Europeans, Chinese, and many others of mixed ancestry. It’s hence not a surprise that Fiji’s food is also a smorgasbord of flavours, with a good mix of traditional local fare and international cuisines. It’s always an adventure for any traveller visiting Fiji, and a treat for their tastebuds to try out Fiji food galore!

1. Fiji Food Galore – Lovo

One of Fiji’s most special experiences, a lovo is a banquet cooked using an underground earth oven. It’s typically reserved for special occasions in Fiji villages and is an integral part of their local culinary arts. A lovo is traditionally done by digging a pit in the ground, with hot stones places inside. Ingredients such as meat, and palusami – a local concoction of taro leaves garnished with onions – are wrapped in banana leaves and left to cook, resulting in a tender and delicious feast for everyone.

2. Fiji Food Galore – Kokoda

Fiji’s take on a classic ceviche is simple yet utterly flavourful! Made with freshly-caught raw fish

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