Hokkien Man, Hokkien Mee: Fine Dining Chef turned Hawker

Xavier Neo created quite a stir on social media when he left his job as a fine dining chef to take on the humble Hokkien mee.   He created even more of a stir when it became known that he opens for only four hours a day (10am to 2pm) and has often had to turn people away as he is sold out for the day!  Such rumours only serve to stoke the curiosity of the foodie:

Why would a successful chef on top of his game want to give up a prestigious job to become a hawker?

Just how good can a Hokkien mee get in the hands of a fine dining chef?

Just how good can a Hokkien Mee be to be sold out in 4 hours?

The answer to the first question is simply a passion for Hokkien mee.  Xavier grew up eating the dish and loves it so much, he wanted to apply his fine dining skills to the dish to see if he can get it to the level of a Michelin Star worthy dish!  I too have the same aspirations for Hokkien mee because it is one of the dishes that truly represents

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