Cow Play Cow Moo Opens in Tampines with Exciting Ticket Games & Huge Pokemon Plushies

Popular arcade Cow Play Cow Moo has opened yet another outlet in the east — this time at Tampines.

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If you’ve ever been to Cow Play Cow Moo, you’ll know that this local arcade chain is famous for their enticing games and multiple claw machines, including a life-sized one. At the Tampines outlet, find your favourite classic games, including ticketed ones that qualify you to redeem prizes at the redemption area. 
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photo_2020-02-07 18.07.41

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There will also be a wide array of claw machines — check out those huge Pokemon plushies! 
photo_2020-02-07 18.06.30

photo_2020-02-07 18.48.00

photo_2020-02-07 18.48.01

photo_2020-02-07 18.48.03

photo_2020-02-07 18.48.04

Cow Play Cow Moo is also known for having one of the largest redemption areas in Singapore. If you’re wondering how big the redemption area at Tampines is, we’ll let the pictures do the talking. 
photo_2020-02-07 18.07.49

photo_2020-02-07 18.07.51

photo_2020-02-07 18.07.55

photo_2020-02-07 18.08.01

photo_2020-02-07 18.08.05

Find super attractive prizes like Nintendo, exclusive merchandise, Nerf guns and many more. 


Location: Tampines Mall #02-17 

Opening hours: 11am-11pm 


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