At This Dual-Concept Bar, Choose Between a Dive Bar and Posh Ballroom

Imagine this: it’s the 1800s, and you’re in a place where sailors and gold miners would typically hang out. Lots of cheap watering holes juxtaposed with opulent interiors, brick walls and concrete floors. Except you’re now in modern-day Singapore, standing at a multi-level dual-concept bar in Boat Quay known as Barbary Coast.

Barbary Coast Ballroom_VIP

Opened by bartending veterans Celia Schoonraad and Michael Callahan, Barbary Coast is inspired by a district in San Fransisco of the name name during the mid-1800s. At that time, the area saw a rapid influx of miners and sailors during the gold rush of 1849, as well as a lively array of bars, dance halls and concert saloons. This newly-opened bar pays homage exactly to the propitious days of that period through two different concept bars.


On the first floor, find Deadfall, a dive bar inspired by affordable watering holes littered throughout the original Barbary Coast. Here, the bar is made up of upcycled shipping pallets and original Kopitiam bar chairs. Wooden beams and brick walls outfit the interior, complete with concrete floors to add to the raw and rustic ambience.


You’ll also notice plenty of sailor-themed deco — they’re a nod to the seamen who populated Barbary

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