Asyraf’s Halal Corner: New Halal Cafe In The CBD With Prices Under $7

Asyraf Feature Image Asyraf’s Halal Corner at Shenton Way

Photo of 3 dishes

Lunch is my favourite time of the workday. With no dietary restrictions, I can easily choose from a plethora of options. However, my Muslim colleagues have been complaining about the lack of halal choices around our office area. For those working in the CBD, you get a double blow of expensive and limited options. Thankfully, there’s Asyraf’s Halal Corner to rely on for halal fare that is affordably priced.

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Food at Asyraf’s Halal Corner

For touching Roti John

Besides common dishes such as prata and mee goreng, Asyraf’s Halal Corner also offers a range of Western-fusion options. The Carbonara Beef Steak Mr John ($6) caught my eye, and I was curious to find out if they actually stuffed a roti john with pasta.

Roti John close-up

My assumption was wrong, as a seemingly typical roti john arrived at our table. A soft loaf of bread decorated with familiar stripes of tomato and cheese sauce.

Half Eaten Roti John shot

My packet of wet wipes came in handy when tackling this messy sandwich. The rich sauces first hit my taste buds followed by the eggy bread.

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