Buza Bar Dubrovnik – Drinks, Sunset Watching & Cliff Jumping In Croatia

Buza Bar Dubrovnik is probably one of the coolest bars we have ever visited. Located right outside the walls of the old city, one would have easily missed it. But with the help of social media and influencers, the word has spread about Buza Bar and it is no longer the secret hideaway it used to be. Today, the bar has become one of Dubrovnik’s most popular sunset hangout and cliff jumping spots. We were lucky to be spared of the crowd by being there in the winter season (December) where the water is too cold to dive into!

Buza Bar Dubrovnik – How to Find Buza I

Due to the bar’s popularity, there is actually Buza I and Buza II. Given that the one we had a drink at was actually opened in low peak winter, we assumed that should be Buza I (let us know in the comments segment if we are wrong). Let us help you locate Buza I from the Gundulic Square. Head up the Jesuit stairs, turn left and walk past Konoba Jezuite towards the city walls. Once you reached the walls, turn right and travel along the walls. You know you are on the

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