Yakiniku Like: Enjoy Affordable Yakiniku Fast Food-Style Suitable For Solo Dining At Paya Lebar Quarter

“It’s fine, I’ll settle my meal alone”, that’s what I usually tell my friends whenever I get stood up for lunch or dinner appointments. “You sure you don’t mind eating alone?”, that’s the reply I normally get. Having stayed in Korea alone for two years, dining alone has become a norm in my daily life and I always wonder why so many people are terrified by the thought of solo dining.

With the growth of single-person households and hectic family schedules, long gone were the days when food is meant to be shared and meals should be communal. In fact, solo dining has evolved into a transformational experience that will teach one to slow down, appreciate food and embrace solitude.

Yakiniku Like 1

Almost all dishes can be eaten when you are alone, however, it gets tricky when barbecue is involved, after all, this is the kind of food you eat with a group of friends on a Friday night with alcohol. However, if you are looking for a quick barbecue fix when you are alone, worry not, as Yakiniku Like’s first-ever outlet has just arrived in Singapore and they are offering yakiniku, fast-food style. 

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Credit – Yakiniku Like Singapore

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