Sink Your Teeth Into KFC’s Famous All-Chicken “Kentaco” Now Available In Singapore

You’ve seen KFC’s famous Waffle Original Recipe Double Down burger—now it’s time for something even more exciting.

If you’re a fan of KFC and have been following their social media accounts for a while now, you would have noticed that they recently teased us with a picture on their Facebook page

Kfc Kentaco Feb 2020 Online 6


Launched only a few months ago in the Philippines, the KFC Kentaco (formerly known as the Chaco in the Philippines) has landed on the shores of Singapore. 

Kfc Kentaco Feb 2020 Online 5

Credit – KFC Singapore

Priced at S$5.90 a la carte, this chicken-shelled taco will cost S$7.95 if you upgrade to a meal with medium fries and a drink. 

For those with a heartier appetite, you can get the Kentaco Box at S$9.95, which includes a Kentaco, a piece of KFC’s famous fried chicken (Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy), a tub of creamy whipped potato, regular fries and a drink. 

Kfc Kentaco Feb 2020 Online 3

Credit – KFC Singapore

For this taco, KFC switched things up and replaced the taco shell with fried chicken. To maintain the essence of the Mexican dish, they’ve added the standard taco ingredients—grated cheese, diced tomatoes and shaved iceberg lettuce. What’s lacking in the taco is just the protein but KFC has

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