Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Japanese Anime Character Desserts At Hato Patisserie Cafe In JB

If you’re a huge Japanese anime lover and you happen to be in JB, make sure you visit the Hato Patisserie Cafe, a cafe that sells adorable desserts inspired by Japanese anime characters.

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Tucked away in Kota Southkey, this cafe serves a spread of coffee, fusion food, and a whole host of desserts. They specialise in Japanese-inspired character desserts, like No-Face or Kaonashi from ‘Spirited Away’ and Crayon Shin-Chan. These household names are just some characters in the dessert repertoire of Hato Patisserie Cafe, and these small cakes have a light and creamy texture. 

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Apart from their character desserts, they make a variety of different tarts and cakes with unique flavours, including Honey Osmanthus Tofu Cheesecake and Earl Grey Nama Chocolate Tart. These sweet treats can be found in the shop along with their respective prices. 

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If you’re looking for a special birthday or themed-party cake, Hato Patisserie Cafe also provides cake customisation services. Customers often request for Japanese-anime-themed cakes like Hello Kitty and Totoro, and these creations can be found on their Facebook page. Visit their shop or give them a call to customise your own cake today!

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