Get Festive In Springtime With New Sakura Drink & Spring Blend Series From Starbucks Japan Avail For A Limited Time Only

To welcome in the spring season, Starbucks Japan has announced the launch of their new Sakura Drink, as well as their Spring Blend Series and a limited edition Spring Cheer Gift Set.  

Starbucks Japan has released creative seasonal drinks before, such as the Sakura Chocolate with Raspberry Jelly last year and the Sakura Caramel Milk with Mixed Berries in 2018. This month, they unveiled their latest sakura-flavoured “chilled cup”—the Sakura White Chocolate Cheesecake With Milk Pudding (¥219). 

Starbucks Sakura Drink

Credit – Starbucks Japan

The drink is decorated with sweet pink and white cherry blossoms, along with an iridescent pastel pink lid. This concoction combines the fragrant sakura flavour and the richness of the white chocolate cheesecake, along with soft milk pudding chunks to further add to the creamy texture of the beverage. 

The Sakura White Chocolate Cheesecake With Milk Pudding will be available at convenience stores in Japan for a limited time from 11 February 2020 onwards. 

Continuing with the sakura theme, Starbucks Japan has also revealed its Spring Blend series, in a signature light pink packaging adorned with dark pink and red flowers. This blend is made of Latin American and East African coffee beans, mixing the flavours of sweet orange

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