Enjoy The Flavours Of The Sea With Mala Mala’s New Scallop Man And Prawn Star Snacks Avail Now

Many of us are familiar with our homegrown salted egg snack brands such as Irvins and The Golden Duck, but have you heard of Singapore’s first mala brand, Mala Mala?

Mala Mala 1

Created out of passion for life, Mala Mala is out to challenge conventional snacks by reinterpreting exotic flavours of mala with a contemporary twist. Aiming to treat consumers’ palates with this provocative Asian flavour that will leave our tongues on fire, Mala Mala started off in 2018 with the introduction of their hand-cut mushroom chips, potato wedges, fish skin, and green peas. 

Mala Mala 4

This time around, Mala Mala has upped their game by introducing a range of brand-new premium spicy seafood snacks made from all-natural fresh prawns and scallops.

Mala Mala 3

Available in a 12-pack snack box, Mala Mala’s Scallop Man and Prawn Star are individually vacuum-packed for convenience and maximum flavour. 

Mala Mala 5

I started off with Scallop Man(S$25)—Japanese scallops infused with Mala Mala’s unique Singapore spicy sauce. Although the scallops were vacuum-packed, it somehow managed to retain its juiciness and slightly briny flavour. The mala sauce lightly coated the scallops, taking away its fishiness by covering up with the spice from the sauce, making this an awesome snack to go with a mug

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