Brotherbird Coffeehouse – Creative Croissant And Brunch Cafe With Minimalist Decor, By Team Behind Stateland Cafe

Fans who were sad due to Stateland Café’s ‘closure’ need not be too disappointed, as the team has reopened with a “Brotherbird Coffeehouse” concept.

The location is the same at 32 Bali Lane, and this is an extension of the previous Brother Bird which was popular for its softserve, donuts, and hybrid mochi croissants.

The owners thought that as Stateland Cafe was established 7 years ago, it would be appropriate time for a revamp.

It is intended to branch out into two different concepts – a coffeehouse serving inexpensive coffee and croissants; and brunch and comfort food dining place.

In case you are wondering why is it call Brother Bird, one of the Stateland Café’s owners is nicknamed “bird” because he likes eating granola.

This is a two-storey space although the upper level is still under renovation. It is planned to open during late February.

The lower level contained an industrial-grey minimalist look (reminding me of Lucid at Hamilton Road) of two sections – the pastry counter and the coffee side, with a small seating area.

The display contained more than 10 different types of pastries.

There are basically four different

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