Best 2020 eye makeup trends to match your face mask: Feathery lashes, carmine lids, emerald liner, and more

@rtranphoto: Your flu and sore throat might make a killer combo (jk), but so does violet and aquamarine shadow. @rtranphoto: Well, Pantone did warn us that the start of a new era brings about intense new challenges. An epidemic qualifies, right? Cope by dousing lids in a generous helping of 2020 colour of the year, Classic Blue. @sarahbrownphoto: If watching all the healthy, non-masked folk frolic about is leaving you green with envy, channel that energy into creating an eyeshadow look that reflects your inner turmoil. @sarahbrownphoto: Big parties are a no-no in your weakened state. You can, however, bring the party with you by painting lids in festive sparkle and holographic scales. @tarynraeleephotography: Bloodshot eyes from all that sneezing? Counteract it by lining your lash line in a rich emerald hue. @tarynraeleephotography: No one’s going to notice that mask if you blind them with an array of dazzling diamonds first. @tarynraeleephotography: Failing that, stun them with an optical illusion that will keep them guessing. They’ll be too busy contemplating if your lower lashes are the real deal to wonder about your health. @amanda_akokhia_photo: Your CNY might have been interrupted by theRead full content from News Buro 24/7

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