Visit The Tebrau Food Truck Park With More Than 10 Food Trucks A Night During Your Next JB Trip

It’s no secret that Johor Bahru is home to some of the best food, from classic dim sum to juicy durians and fatty char siew, for a fraction of the price of restaurants in Singapore. Even I find myself getting together with my friends and going on impromptu day trips to JB, just for the food.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to make time on your way back for the Tebrau Food Truck Park, located in Desa Tebrau. 

Tebrau Food Truck Park 5


Tebrau Food Truck Park was founded in 2017 and is situated in an open lot 30 minutes away from the checkpoint. It houses more than 10 food trucks every night, with plenty of space to sit and enjoy the wide selection of dishes to choose from, all while enjoying the sunset.

Each truck is not stationed there permanently, and updates on the operating food trucks for that night can be found on Tebrau Food Truck Park Facebook page. 

Tebrau Food Truck Park


One truck you definitely shouldn’t miss is B.LO.C’s unique goreng pisang, which are fried banana fritters covered with different toppings. Some of their flavours consist of Cornflake Chocolate, Chocolate Cheese, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Butterscotch that you can mix and match,

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