Shake Shack Outram Has New Items Including Black Sesame Concrete And Buttermilk Chicken Burger

Shake Shack Outram - Feature ImageShake Shack at Outram

Shake Shack Outram - Wide Angle Shot

Come this Friday, Shake Shack will open the doors of their second outlet at Outram. Just a stone’s throw away from Outram Park MRT Station, this burger chain from New York is the first of its kind. 

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Shake Shack Outram - Ambience

Instead of the usual green and black colour scheme, Shake Shack Outram boasts a pretty ambience with hues of pastel pink and mint, as well as a beautiful tiger mural which pays homage to the old Tiger Balm factory it now occupies. 

Shake Shack Outram - Fried Chicken Burger

Other than a highly IG-worthy backdrop, new additions to Shake Shack’s second outlet include their exclusive Chick’ n Shack burger ($9.20). Singapore is the first country in the region to offer this 100% natural chicken burger. 

Shake Shack Outram - New Chicken Burger

Marinated in a bath of buttermilk, the chicken breast patty is tenderised to a tee—resulting in a crunchy, deep-fried breading followed by soft and juicy meat. Pickles, lettuce, and a light mayonnaise-based sauce spike each bite of the burger with added texture and flavour, cutting any tinge of greasiness down a notch. 

Shake Shack Outram - Concrete flavours

Those looking to end their meal

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