Katong Laksa – George’s Laksa Will Satisfy Your Laksa Craving

I think most of you know that Katong Laksa is a nonya-style laksa which is eaten with just the spoon. There has always been an ongoing debate about who is the original creator of Katong Laksa. To be honest, it doesn’t matter who created it first. What’s more important is, who can really withstand the test of time and continue to serve a good solid bowl of laksa.


I wrote about George many years back when he was still at his old location – Telok Kurau Road. They seem to have moved a few times and now, they are at Changi Road.

George’s father learnt the laksa recipe from the legendary Janggut Laksa owner and started peddling his Laksa along the streets before hawker centres were built.


A bowl of laksa can only shine with a spicy coconut-based soup, which is the soul of this Peranakan dish. You can tell the difference in George’s all-important homemade laksa rempah (spice paste). His laksa gravy is complex, rich, delicious, and well balanced in taste. It also has a great texture. It somehow reminds Singaporeans of home.

The thick vermicelli is very smooth and chewy. George blanches it in the laksa

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