Thaan Charcoal Cooking: Steak & Other Fusion Dishes Grilled Over Local Charcoal In Bangkok

Thaan Charcoal Cooking Bangkok

A few years ago, when talking about (good) steakhouses in Bangkok, one would very likely think of ritzy, five-star hotel establishments. Today, thanks to the city’s increasing popularity of beef-centric eats, locals have been introduced to a greater variety of options.

Think premium cuts at wallet-friendlier prices plus a more relaxed ambience, and amongst this flourishing scene is Thaan Charcoal Cooking.

Thaan Charcoal Cooking Bangkok

Set in a refurbished shophouse along a quiet alley on Sukhumvit 31, the casual fine dining restaurant is intimate; it occupies just one floor of the building and is only open for dinner.

Thaan Charcoal Cooking Bangkok

Inside, bar seats flank the right and make for an excellent front-row option where diners can enjoy a view of the smoky, open kitchen. 

Thaan Charcoal Cooking Bangkok

A fabric room divider away is the main dining area, which was dimly lit with jazz tunes humming in the background. The space looked perfect for cosy gatherings and casual dates. 

Thaan Charcoal Cooking Bangkok

The menu features small plates and a mix of meat and seafood dishes cooked in a Josper grill, using local charcoal.

For the uninitiated, a Josper grill brings together the best of both worlds in charcoal cooking; it’s a grill which gives the meat a lovely char but has a front

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