Naga-Imo: Foie Gras With Japanese Yam Tofu & Deep-Fried Wagyu From SG’s 1st Omakase & Izakaya Dual-Concept Restaurant At Telok Ayer

As someone who enjoys indulging in good Japanese food, I’m always happy to explore new restaurants popping up in the area, especially if they do things a little differently from the rest.

Naga-Imo 2

When I found out about Naga-Imo along Club Street—opened in October 2019—I had to pay them a visit.

Naga-Imo 1

Stepping into the restaurant, the first floor simply looked like your traditional sushi restaurant, with intimate counter seats for you to watch the chef at work.

Naga-Imo 30

But wait: trot up the stairs, and you’ll realise that this is actually a dual concept restaurant. The chef serves up exquisite omakase on the first floor for 10 pax, while the second floor houses a 25-seater izakaya.

Naga-Imo 31

And the third floor even has a private dining room which can accommodate 18 diners.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the omakase dinner (S$150, S$180, S$200, S$250, or S$300), though Naga-Imo also offers a la carte dishes and lunch sets (S$28 to S$88).

Naga-Imo 3

Diving straight into the food, the chef immediately delivered a tasty appetiser to us. Two wedges of Japanese fruit tomato sat prettily in a stemmed glass, drizzled with goma sauce and sprinkled with furikake.

Juicy, firm and definitely appetising, this healthy snack

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