Indobowl – Singapore’s First Indomie Cafe!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Indomie, the instant mee goreng all of us broke kids love and adore. For something so simple, you get a surprisingly flavourful meal. Add an egg, and you’re all set. In fact, the instant noodles are so scrumptious that an Indomie cafe has appeared in Singapore. Yes, you heard that right. Situated in Sultan Gate, is Indobowl, a cafe which upgrades your ordinary plate of Indomie into a restaurant quality meal.

indobowl indomie ayam bakar hijau

So, of course, we had to try the Indomie Ayam Bakar with Sambal Ijo ($9.90), one of the chef’s recommendations, first. Diners can pair most of the dishes with one of two different types of sambal : Sambal Balado and Sambal Ijo. The main difference is that the former is made with red chilli, while the latter is made with green chilli.

The bowl came with Indomie, a fried egg, and a sambal-covered chicken thigh.

indobowl indomie lift
indobowl ayam bakar hijau
indobowl chicken on spoon

The Indomie tasted great of course, and was cooked perfectly. While it was tender, the chicken was unfortunately a little plain, but the sambal made up for its lack of flavour. The Sambal Ijo had, thankfully, just the right amount of heat, so it was still

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