Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC: Japanese-Italian Pizza Place That’s The Only Restaurant In SG To Have World Championship Pizzaiolo Helm Its Kitchen At Craig Rd

The fusion of Japanese and Italian isn’t necessarily new, but it certainly isn’t something that one would think as mainstream. Showing up for this culinary collaboration is Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC, along Craig Road.

Trattoria Pizzeria LogicTrattoria Pizzeria Logic 2

The restaurant, originally from Japan, has set up a 79-seater cosy restaurant amongst the hive of restaurants and bars around Outram Park MRT. One of its proud features is the dominant brick oven that’s used to fire up piping pizzas that are uniquely Japanese-styled (and if you read on, you’ll understand why they are).

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 16

In the main dining area, a green feature wall truly gives the place a very serene feel; a place that’s meant for leisurely meals, and idle chat.

The Italian food served here harks from Naples, with Pizzaiolo Junichi Shoji, the man behind the pizza recipes. He won the prestigious Napoli Pizza World Championship 2012, an annual global contest crowning the world’s best pizza makers, which makes Trattoria Pizza LOGIC the only restaurant in Singapore to have a World Championship Winning Pizzaiolo supervising its kitchen!

Enough of the accolade name-dropping, it was time to put the pizzas to the test.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 4

My dining partner and I noticed, first of all, that there were a handful of

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